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In the News! Talks, Seminars, and Events.

The below links are for news articles, past, and future events and talks hosted by the Salton Sea Task Force members.

25 June, 2022

KCET/PBS 'Off the Beaten Path' documentary on the Salton Sea featuring Michael McKibben and the Lyons Lab.

21 March, 2022

How a few geothermal plants could solve America's lithium supply crunch and boost the EV battery industry.

Article from The Conversation

17 March, 2022

Clean energy depends on lithium. Can California supply it? 

Article from The Christian Science Monitor

8 February, 2022

Breathe: The Salton Sea - Dust Emissions, Lung Inflammation, and Asthma

Presented by Dr. David Lo, Lo Lab & Co

View the pdf slides here!

11January, 2022

Renewable: Lithium promises revival for dying California inland sea

Drilling execs say the desertification of the California locale could fuel the battery production for 400,000 Teslas a year.

Article from Courthouse News Service also reported by Agence France-Presse 

27 November, 2021

Can need for lithium cure what ails the Salton Sea?

Extracting the useful metal from geothermal brine could benefit the environment, advocates say.

LA Times Article by Lois Sahagun

9 November, 2021

Geothermal Updates for the Salton Sea Task Force

Presented by Dr. Michael McKibben and Dr. Arun Raju

26 October, 2021

What's up with the Colorado River? A major input into the Salton Sea?

Presented by Dr. Kurt Schwabe

19 October, 2021

Fall 2021 Update from the Lyons Biogeochemistry Lab on the Salton Sea

Presented by Caroline Hung and Dr. Charlie Diamond

12 August, 2021

Salton Sea Restoration Efforts Could Fail Without Science - UCR News

This news article was also reported by,, and IVP

1 June, 2021

Mr. Jonathan Nye presented a talk to USGS.

Ecological Crisis at the Salton Sea

5 March, 2021

Dr. Michael McKibbon presented a talk to the Lithium Valley Commission meeting at the California Energy Commission.

24 February, 2021

Dr. David Lo presented a talk to the National Academy "Distinctive VoicesSeries. 

The Salton Sea: Health Disparity Amid An Environmental Crisis

Upcoming Events

Further events, seminars, and talks coming soon

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